This is an intensive session including: housebreaking, teething, nipping, jumping, excessive barking and whining, diet and exercise, tethering, yielding, the importance of crating and setting limits, dogs and children, and addressing common problem behaviors.  This session will take about  two hours and it is recommended that everyone involved with the dog be present.  


Do you dread trying to take your dog for a walk?  Does he drag you along as he frantically sniffs and lunges?  Are you hoarse from chanting/begging "Fido heel" ... Heel Fido" ... "Dammit heel" ?

This two hour session will have your dog walking along politely at your side, paying attention to YOU and where you are going, and sitting (or standing) calmly when you stop.  You will finally be able to enjoy going for a walk with your pet ... perhaps stopping and chatting with a neighbor (without Fido wrapping the leash around your legs) ... and both of you getting some exercise and fresh air.


We begin all new clients and dogs with this initial session which will require about two hours.  It is conducted in your home to allow us to observe the dog's living environment and client/family/dog interaction.  We strongly suggest that you make a list of all questions and concerns that you wish to address.  It is imperative that both you and your dog be prepared to listen and learn (see protocol).  The dog should be crated or calmed for at least one hour prior to the session.

The E&C session is specifically designed to evaluate the existence - or likelihood - of behavior problems (and the probability of their resolution through a relevant training program) and to determine your specific wants and plans for your dog.  While you complete an extensive questionnaire we will conduct a series of exercises with your dog to give us an understanding of his temperament or "attitude" and, most importantly determine what his primary and secondary drives are.

Upon completion we will discuss your responses and what we have observed.  Suggestions will be given regarding any specific behavioral issues; simple "lifestyle" changes might be recommended, and - based on what you wish to do with your dog - a training program will be designed.  There will be some leash work done with the dog and homework for the following week detailed.   



This program will give your dog the basic "manners" that he needs to happily coexist with his human family.

This program consists of 4 sessions - two will be conducted in the home neighborhood and two in area parks

and public venues .  The dog will learn: (1) Loose lead heeling; (2) Sit; (3) Auto sit; (4) Stay / Wait; and (5) Recall


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Your dog's training is NOT completed until we are comfortable with him being seen bythe public and you telling others that you trained with GLOBAL K9!

Our guarantee is very simple:



You have taken the first step toward having a well-trained and obedient dog.  I am confident that you will find the training to be both enjoyable and beneficial.  Private "one-on-one" sessions are the most effective type of training because you can be free of unwanted distractions and can schedule training time to suit your own agenda.  I work  with you and your dog to design a training program that fits your own personal needs along with your dog's preference of  learning.  My policy is to teach the owner as well as the dog, which gives you a better understanding of how dogs learn and how to motivate the dog to work for you.  I will introduce the particular exercises to the dog and then teach you how to reinforce and further expand this learning curve.  You will need specific equipment which is available from me.  This includes a training collar, a six foot leash, and a fifteen foot long line.  Additional equipment is also available.

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Whatever your dog "problem" is, Global K9's Training Programs are designed to provide proven, lasting results!  Serving Birmingham, the State of Alabama, and most of the SouthEast!  

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This training consists of getting an understanding of and mastering the basic obedience commands including, but not limited to: loose lead healing, the sit, the down, stay and wait, the recall, and moving exercises.  Sessions will be conducted at your home and in your neighborhood, parks, shopping centers, and other "real world" locations.
With owner commitment the vast majority of behavior problems are readily and quickly addressed through traditional obedience training with 6 sessions.

This training consists of teaching the dog basic disciplines and behaviors required for acceptable behavior in the home and to enhance the receptiveness for future more advanced training.  Your dog will be tested for the American Kennel Club's "Canine Good Citizen" certificate upon completion of the course.  This training consists of the following: (1) Attention/Focus; (2) Loose Lead Heeling; (3) Recall & Finish; (4) Auto Sit; (5) Down; (6) Stay - with distractions; (7) Moving exercises; (8) Elimination of common behavior problems. The program consists of 7 sessions which will be conducted at varying locations.

The dog will be taught to track or trail a person through increasingly difficult scenarios.  Deep (ground) scenting or air scenting is acceptable. Tracks will range from short, fresh straight-line trails in the beginning to more complex trails with age, turns, and
cross tracks as he progresses. The dog will learn to indicate the “find” by sitting.
The nose work training will consist of teaching the dog to find and indicate a variety of objects including, but not limited to drugs, explosives, and personal items.
This Program consists of a minimum of 10 sessions.