Our first litter whelped October 2016.  A repeat breeding is planned for 2017!


The first thing you have to remember about our Dogos is that they are first and foremost guardian dogs!  Yes, Dogos are and should be cuddly and affectionate with family members, and some are quite friendly with strangers, but it is tantamount to remember that this is NOT a Golden Retriever!


Global K9's Excalibur Kennels is introducing the Dogo Argentino as a service dog, patrol dog, and personal/family protection dog.  The Dogo is a relatively new breed ... virtually free of genetic defects and problems ... basically hypoallergenic ... very low maintenance ... adaptable to any environment ... extremely intelligent ... and very highly trainable.  The Dogo is a medium size dog, 23" to 28" in height and weighing from 80 to 100 pounds, making them excellent candidates for special unit operations and  deployment.  Their loyalty, tenacity, and strength prove them exceptional in protection work.  With a bite pressure averaging over 700 PSI they are unequaled as "man-stoppers"!

Our "foundation" female is Excalibur's  Isabella Luce, a direct grand daughter of the famous Morocho de la Cocha.  Her sire - Mambo Pechito de la Cocha - and her dam - Iena de la Cocha - were acquired from Dr. Ulises Nores' kennel in Argentina.  We are grateful for his advice and support of our undertaking!


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